[jugs] JavaOne & Oracle Code Keynotes

Cesar A. Nogueira

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From: Sharat Chander <sharat.chander@...>
Date: 2017-10-10 20:35 GMT-03:00
Subject: [jugs] JavaOne & Oracle Code Keynotes

Hiya folks,

The keynotes from last week are posted for on-demand replay:

    •    JavaOne Opening Keynote (Monday, Oct. 2): https://www.oracle.com/javaone/on-demand.html?bcid=5596229112001
    •    Oracle Code Keynote (Tuesday, Oct. 3): https://www.oracle.com/javaone/on-demand.html?bcid=5600354378001
    •    JavaOne Community Keynote (Thursday, Oct. 5): https://www.oracle.com/javaone/on-demand.html?bcid=5604479599001


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