[vJUG] RebelLabs Developer Productivity Report 2017

Cesar A. Nogueira

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From: Oleg Šelajev <vJUG-announce@...>
Date: 2017-09-27 8:17 GMT-03:00
Subject: [vJUG] RebelLabs Developer Productivity Report 2017

Hey, people!

Back in the summer, I emailed you a few times and asked to fill a survey about the Java tools you use.

Now, I'm super happy to say that we released the  RebelLabs Developer Productivity Report 2017! We crunched the survey data and are ready to share the findings with everyone in the world. So if you feel like showing this report to a friend or a coworker, I encourage you to do it! If you want a better reading experience, there's a pdf version is available, just click the big orange button in the blog post.

Anyway, hope you find it interesting to read, as much as I found it interesting to analyze and write. If you're just looking for a summary, here's a TL;DR section.


Oleg Shelajev.

PS. If you saw the report already, don't get mad, I just wanted to cover all the channels we used for sharing the survey.


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